• Integrating Your Project Vision, Goals, Budget with a site-specific plan incorporating context, landscape, history, navigation, movement in space 
  • Shaping The Environment with strategies to create beautiful, healthy, harmonious spaces, address functional issues and optimize natural light
  • Creating A Decision Making Framework that takes worry away, saves time, labor, paint and materials



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  • Residential, Commercial, Exterior & Interior Planning for homes, offices, retail branding, schools, traditional, contemporary, renovations and new construction

  • Color, Finishes & Materials Plans vary for each project, but may include assistance with selection of wall paint colors, ceilings, windows, trim, tiles, countertops, custom fireplace mantel design, custom color rugs, floor staining for kitchens, baths, laundry, closets, bedrooms, libraries, living, dining, great rooms, playrooms, fitness/work out, spas, sunrooms, theater/entertainment, wine cellars, home office, mudrooms & more!

  • Site-Specific Projects Fees Based On Hourly Rates - Basic Interior Color Planning Package starts at $400 with an average project cost of $400-$1250


"Nothing in design is superfluous. In the planning process, I see my role as an architectural color designer to be reductive by nature – focusing on solving site-specific problems with economical strategies to shape and enhance existing conditions. 

Many color plans surprise clients with recommendations to take unnecessary elements and purchases away, outline creative ideas to reuse materials, reduce costs on labor, paint and finish selections."








Kim helped me choose the exterior colors for my home this past spring and I could not be more pleased with the palette. Working with Kim was a real pleasure because she is extremely knowledgeable regarding color, design and lighting and really helped me to think about the look I was going for and what would work best for the history and architecture and placement of my home. I plan to hire her again to help me with the interior color scheme!
— Homeowner, Manchester, MA
Kim has an instinctive understanding of color, space and light and how they work together to affect mood. She consulted with our clients to give them an overall color strategy, which allowed them in turn to make their interior design decisions within a set framework. As a result, rooms in the home have a more distinctive character, yet there was an overall cohesiveness to the whole, with the architecture and color working in harmony.
— Architect, Manchester, MA
My husband and I don’t make any major interior decisions without consulting Kim. She has an amazing eye for what is current yet maintains the integrity of the architecture and time period of your rooms. She takes into account existing colors, art and furnishings while incorporating the light and mood of the room and flow to other rooms. We rely on her completely to help us with color decisions; it makes the process much more fun and removes any stress that we would have trying to decide together.
— Homeowner, Ipswich, MA

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